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How to Find the Earliest Home Pregnancy Test

The “two week wait” is infamous for the being the longest two weeks possible. It seems like an eternity when you're waiting to find out if you're pregnant or not! That's why you look for the earliest home pregnancy test – a test that can tell you sooner, and with predictable results.

Earliest Pregnancy Test

The Earliest Pregnancy Test Strips are easy to use and give you results long before your period is due!

When I was trying to conceive Galen I knew exactly which day I ovulated. I knew that we'd timed our attempt well. All my supplements and diet changes had given me plenty of egg-white cervical mucus (EWCM) and I felt pretty good about the month. The only thing left for me to do was wait.

Wait… and wait… but that was the last thing I wanted to do! I decided to look for the earliest home pregnancy test possible – one that would tell me sooner, rather than later. Luckily, I found one. When I broke down at 10 days post ovulation (10DPO), my pregnancy test gave me a faint, but defintely positive line!

Test Strip or Midstream?

I honestly think this is up to your personal preference. You can get the earliest results with either format. My personal preference is for a test strip. That's just because I find it easier to use a collection cup, then dip the test for the few seconds it takes to use it. My hands are usually shaking while I do the test, so it's a little easier than trying to use a mid-stream option 😉 You can also dip a mid-stream test.

Test strips cost less to buy in bulk, so if you, like me, prefer to have several on hand, that's a great way to go!

The Earliest Home Pregnancy Test

The test that I get the most great reports about, and that I have had the best success with, is the Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com test strip. This test is very, very sensitive and will detect very small levels of HCG, the hormone that indicates pregnancy. It measures around 20mIU/ml, which is much more sensitive than most test brands (which measure between 50-100mIU/ml).

Here's a picture of my test. This was taken at 10 days post ovulation with Galen. The positive is faint, but there 🙂

my 10 days post ovulation positive pregnancy test

A Local Option

If you want to run out to the drug store and get a good test, you can look for the First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test. This test costs a lot more than the test strips I already recommended, but it's a good option for the local drugstore.

I wanted a “second opinion” on my first faint line, so I ran to the drug store and was rewarded with another faint line at 11 days post ovulation (11DPO):

my 11 days post ovulation positive pregnancy test

I know of women who being testing at 8DPO and get positive results with the Early-Pregnancy-Tests strip tests. I wasn't brave enough to try that early, but I was thrilled to get my positive result far before my period was due. It made the two week wait a little easier!

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