How to Choose The Right Supplements to Boost Your Fertility (and dump the ones that don

To: Women Hoping to Conceive
From: Kristen Burgess

picture of pregnant kristen

Do you feel like every supplement bottle promises to boost your fertility and give you a healthy baby - but you're just not sure which ones to believe?

Are you concerned that all the hype is covering up the truth, and that some of those supplements are useless... or worse, even dangerous?

How are you supposed to sort through all of the claims and promises and choose a supplement regime that actually works to increase your fertility, help you get pregnant fast, and most importantly, bring home a healthy baby?

If these concerns sound familiar, you're not alone! I've faced these mind-boggling choices as I tried to correct a fertility problem for myself and as I tried to sift through male fertility supplements for my husband. And I hear questions about supplements over and over again as mamas visit my fertility website (and even my website on pregnancy and birth).

So many women wonder who to trust - and what to trust. Can a simple supplement really make a difference? Can it really help you get pregnant?

I believe that as an intelligent woman you have an intuitive sense that your fertility is tied closely to your overall well-being, and that good balance within your body can make a difference... even boosting your fertility. But information about supplements is wildly conflicting and even all over the place...

You Need The Clear, Unbiased Truth About Supplements

Here's the problem - supplements are fueled by financial gain. That's not always a bad thing (if they weren't paid, they probably wouldn't make the supplement - they'd be flipping burgers somewhere 😉 ). But it does make for some conflicts of interest.

We all know there are some supplements that don't work.

But the claims that fertility supplements can help you get pregnant - even work wonders - are true.

I know that's a bold statement to make, but it's backed by science. The evidence shows that certain supplements can dramatically increase fertility and do so quickly and naturally. There are even supplements proven to increase the success of IVF cycles.

That's why every woman deserves the truth about supplements - and the science behind them. You deserve to know how to choose the supplements that work for you and your unique fertility needs.

What to Take and When to Take It (PLUS What You Need to Avoid)

Most of us don't have a trained team of researchers, nutrition counselors, and natural fertility specialists at our fingertips! You've got to get this figured out on your own.

That's where this class comes in. I knew I needed to create a class on fertility supplements because every woman wants to feel confident in her natural fertility - and to bring home a healthy baby.

This class will cover not just the what and why, but also the science behind supplements, and how to pick to right one for you (not all supplements benefit every woman, so it's important to choose the right supplements for your situation). You'll discover:

  • Why you should consider supplements to increase fertility (hint: research backs many simple, easy-to-find supplements for boosting fertility)
  • Most doctors and midwives recommend you start a prenatal vitamin when TTC - but not all vitamins are created equal. Here's how to pick the right fertility vitamin - one you can keep taking when you're pregnant
  • Modern medical advice has left some women dangerously low in these two vital fertility nutrients. Here's how to get them safely - and you can conceive when you want to
  • The truth about Folic Acid vs. Folate
  • Low mineral levels in soil leave most women low in key minerals for fertility - make sure these 6 are in your multi (plus which ones should be in your man's multi, too)
  • Super foods are one of the fastest and easiest fertility supplements, but they're also super personal. Discover which super foods fix which fertility problems so you can conceive quickly - and safely
  • Powerful antioxidants protect eggs and sperm from damage - and can actually reverse damage and boost egg quality in some women
  • This promising fertility supplement is backed by a lot of research - but only one form is actually absorbed into the body
  • You probably know melatonin is good for helping with sleep... but it can benefit fertility, too. Here's how to use it if you're TTC naturally
  • This supplement has a proven track record in correcting auto-immune related fertility problems
  • Struggling with PCOS? One supplement in particular can combat insulin resistance and has clinical evidence to help you conceive
  • What you need to know about supplements to boost your man's fertility - and his health
  • Staying safe when you use fertility supplements
  • Exactly how to choose the right supplements for you (plus how to decide what to take and what to drop when you get pregnant)

It's important to make sure you're safe - and smart - about picking supplements, and that's the good news about natural fertility supplements. Evidence supports supplements for overall fertility boosts and shows dramatic results for many fertility problems. Obviously there's no guarantee - some women respond more than others - but you're probably not hearing much about natural supplements at all.

Today I want to help you shift your focus from medical fertility solutions to balancing your body and boosting your fertility naturally - and I'm grateful that so many researchers have the same idea!

We'll cover all of these issues and more - and because this class is live I want you to bring any and all of your own questions. The main portion of the class is about an hour, because we'll go through each fertility nutrient and supplement, covering how to use it safely and when you should consider using it (or decide it's not right for you).

We'll reserve an hour for Q&A because I want you to feel confident you'll get your questions answered. Again, I can't promise instant results, but I can tell you what the research says on each supplement and help you choose the ones that will safely and effectively increase your fertility.

Class will be on Thursday, September 14th at 2pm. The class will be recorded and you'll have lifetime access to the class. Can't make it live? Register and send in your questions - I'll answer them live and send you lifetime access to the class replay.

My normal consultation rate is $150 an hour, but since I'm offering this as an open class, I'm able to give my normal live class rate of $67. In all honesty, however, the supplement industry is mind-boggling enough and I want all women to have this information - so I'm offering this class for just $27. Click below to register now!

?P.S. Curious about food and fertility? We'll dig into fertility super foods during the class - and, if you register this week, I'm offering an exclusive bonus: you'll also get access to my full class on food and fertility, The Nourishing Fertility Diet! This class covers everything you need to know about what the evidence says on food and fertility (believe me, it makes a difference!).

Remember, this advice is for your information only, and I encourage you to do your own further research as well as consult trusted professionals as you feel the need to.