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Improving Egg Quality and Egg Health

Can you truly increase your egg quality and your egg health? In the past doctors didn't believe you could – but recent study has shown that these old beliefs are false. You can influence the health and quality of your eggs – no matter how old you are!

It used to be thought that the only thing that had an impact on egg health was age, however, new studies point to a lot of factors. That's great news for you.

Environmental influences, stress, and even hormones in your diet may effect the health of your eggs. This is good, because these are things you have control over!

There are other things besides your egg health impacting your fertility, and using natural treatments can boost these as well. Having a healthy monthly cycle, balanced hormones, and good circulation all boost your fertility and aid creating healthy eggs.

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The Cycle of the Egg

It's true that you had your eggs stored away for you as soon as your ovaries and eggs formed while you developed in your mother's womb. But you also can impact the health of your eggs now, during the preparation cycle of your eggs. Your eggs have a life cycle that lasts for about 90 days.

Very early on, more than 150 days before your egg will be released during ovulation, the eggs remain unchanged. Several of them then begin preparation – all hoping to perhaps be “the one.” Starting at 90 days before ovulation the eggs go through a rapid period of preparation for actual ovulation.

During this time period eggs can be effected by:

  • Diet – proper nutrition is vital to the developing egg(s)
  • Hormones – balanced hormones ensure that all parts of the egg cycle and your fertility cycle work properly
  • Blood flow – good blood flow brings all the nutrients and hormones to your ovaries and the developing eggs
  • Good oxygen levels – oxygen is needed in all organs of the body, including the ovaries
  • Stress – high stress tends to inhibit hormones, blood flow, and other body processes… it can even stop ovulation from occuring!

Get Oxygen Rich Blood Circulating

As you saw above, oxygen and nutrient rich blood is essential to your ovaries (and all your reproductive organs). You can build the quality of your blood with simple suggestions:

  • Get plenty to drink: dehydration isn't good for your blood. Drink water or pregnancy-safe herbal teas. Homemade soup broths and milk are other options.
  • Exercise: getting up and moving keeps your blood circulating. Simple walks are great, as is swimming and dancing.
  • Fertility Massage: fertility massage concentrates on gently bringing blood to the fertility organs and is a great way to focus on egg health.

Hormonal Balance and Nutrition

You need to eat well for egg quality and egg health. I've covered eating for fertility extensively on the site, so be sure to take a look at the topic listing on the left-hand side of the page. Click over to the fertility nutrition pages – the advice there is compiled from in-depth resources and will help you create the most well-nourished eggs possible. Eating well will enhance all your reproductive organs.

Pay special attention to fertility super foods.

If you have problems with hormonal balance, just changing your diet to a fertility diet will often help in massive ways. For instance, if you have PCOS, adopting the low-carb fertility diet can dramatically reduce your symptoms and prepare your body for normal cycles.

But you can further enhance your health and hormonal balance with the use of nourishing traditional fertility herbs. Explore the herbal articles on the site to learn more about herbs that will nourish your body and balance your cycles.

Combining nutrition and supplements with exercise and stress lowering methods, you'll greatly increase and improve your egg quality and your egg health. Remember that gentle exercise, such as daily walks or swims, or even dancing or belly dancing, are great for your fertility – something to get your blood circulating and bringing in nutrients. Take time to relax, too. Enjoy a good book or a warm bath. You'll increase your egg health and boost your fertility while you improve overall health and quality of life.

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