About Getting-Pregnant.com

Hey there! I'm Kristen, and I created Getting-Pregnant.com because:

  • You can boost your fertility – naturally
  • Understanding your body and your fertility shouldn't be complicated
  • You deserve the facts about building a healthy baby (and it starts before conception)

By subscribing to and reading on Getting-Pregnant.com, you're going to stop spinning your wheels as you chase the dream of having a baby.

You want to stop being overwhelmed, spending your time trying everything you read in the magazines only to get nowhere – negative pregnancy test month after month.

You're going to get healthy and well-nourished, TTC successfully, have a great pregnancy, and hold a healthy, happy baby.

To do this, you need to work on the basics first: your diet is a powerful key to fertility (and you're going to get the honest truth… not what fits in with current propaganda), your lifestyle does impact your fertility, and yes, some vitamins, minerals, and supplements can help.

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About Kristen

picture of pregnant kristen

I'm absolutely passionate about helping women and families conceive and grow healthy babies. I've spent years studying and understand fertility and healthy prenatal development and want to give back from what I've learned to help me have my own children.

  • I tell it like it is. I will give you the straight facts on fertility and what really impacts your ability to conceive. There are no government-funded studies being cited here… you get real information that doesn't have an agenda to sell more government-subsidized food or population control plans.
  • I firmly believe that your body doesn't fail you – but poor advice DOES. I give you solid information on the steps to take to boost your fertility, naturally.
  • I don't believe doctors or modern fertility medicine is bad – only that forcing patients to skip right to those treatments without taking proven steps to get pregnant naturally is bad.
  • I believe many “fertility gurus” that teach techniques to get pregnant are leading people astray by focusing too much on one miracle treatment or another – and not on basic steps to get healthy and fertile.
  • My goal is to make things simple, not complicated.

I'm a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, a wife, a mother, and an advocate for families and for creating healthy babies… right from the start.

The Mission of Getting-Pregnant.com

  • Show you how to create a diet that gets you truly healthy
  • Show you the nutrients you need to boost fertility and nourish your baby's brain & body
  • Show you how your fertility cycle works – and how you can track it easily
  • Give you a solid understanding of fertility tools available to help you get pregnant, naturally
  • Show you vitamins, minerals, super-foods, and supplements you may want to consider on your TTC journey
  • Keep you from wasting your valuable time or getting overloaded by information!