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Conscious Conception – the Power of Awareness

Conscious conception is a powerful, vital part of having a baby.

I've had six babies. Three of my babies were “if it happens, it happens” kiddos. My fourth baby was different – his conception was carefully planned.

Not only did I plan the “technical details” by charting my cycle and watching my fertility signs, I also worked within myself to prepare to welcome a new life.

conscious conception

I was awed and honored by the chance to have another baby (I didn't think I'd ever have another). I wanted him to come into a place that was healthy on every level – physical, emotional, mental.

Jeanine Parvati Baker used the term conscious conception in her book by the same name many years ago. Baker felt deeply about the subject – and helped bring awareness to the conscious conception.

Many other women – mothers, midwives, and others – have embraced the awareness that Baker put into print. I encourage you to do the same as you prepare for conception.

Examine Yourself

Getting pregnant is a goal, and with any goal you need to work through several things to achieve it. You're going to gain the technical knowledge you need (that's learning your cycle, charting, TTC tools, your nutrition). But you also need to prepare your mind.


You need to imagine your goal. You need to examine anything that may be holding you back. Don't say “I can't get pregnant!” is what's holding you back – what I'm talking about is look at your life – do you have any hesitations or worries?

Look at how you treat other people. Do you hate seeing pregnant women, women with a baby, or small children? Do you feel yourself burn with jealousy? Though you you think your feelings may be valid, you are really putting yourself in a negative state of mind which is not helping others – and more importantly, it's not helping you get pregnant.

Believe it or not, the Law of Attraction has big effects on your fertility.

Raising a child is probably the best opportunity for self-growth you'll ever be given. The preconception period and pregnancy are an amazing time to look within and grow – take the opportunity bring forth life in awareness.

Using fertility affirmations can help you quickly and effectively reverse negative thoughts.

Preparing for Him or Her

Your baby is a living entity separate from yourself. Your baby is going to come through your body but your baby is not for you. Your little one is a new life, a new soul, that is coming into this world for his or her own purpose.

It's vital to realize this as you try to conceive, and it's vital to embrace it. It's also vital to welcome the gift that you are being given – the gift of bringing forth a new life. The gift of co-creation. And the gift of raising your child and having influence on him or her for a little while.

It is just about the greatest gift you will ever be given. It's both an awesome gift, and an awesome responsibility.

I cannot be sure the exact point at which a little one comes into some sense of awareness, but as I prepared for conscious conception I found it comforting to write letters to my dreamed of baby, and sometimes to send a thought or intention towards him (though at the time I didn't know I was getting a “him!”) Even if you don't feel comfortable with this, it's helpful to consciously prepare for the little person your baby will be.

The Invitation

The night that Galen was conceived I knew I was ovulating and I knew I wanted to get pregnant. I whispered a simple invitation that if my baby was supposed to come tonight that the baby would know I (we) were ready and that I would conceive easily.

It was an intense and awesome experience for me. Just the awareness of of co-creating a new life, of being open to and purposefully inviting a real life was close to overwhelming.

Of course I'm not saying that all conceptions have to be so awe-inspiring. Some need to be fit in on lunch break. But what I am saying is they should be done with intention and awareness – conscious conception.

Conscious conception allows you to prepare the way for your baby on every level. It allows you to explore your own feelings and attitudes. It allows you to prepare for your baby as the unique individual that he or she will be. It opens your awareness, your mind, and your heart for a brand new little being – someone who will hold part of your heart for an eternity.

“Half of me, breathes in you…” (the Nixons)

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