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Presenting a Fertility Supplement that Boosts Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

A fertility supplement has been proven by Harvard Medical school to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

Just what is this supplement?

It's a multivitamin.

The study, following 18,000 women over 8 years showed that women who took a multivitamin ovulated much more and had a much greater chance of conceiving.

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Should You Consider This Fertility Supplement?

Think about these things:

  • Do you always get clean, grass-fed or pastured meat?
  • Do you eat produce that's been shipped many miles?
  • Do you eat processed convenience foods?
  • Do you eat fast food?
  • Do you have a lot of stress at work or at home?
  • Do you get plenty of sleep?
  • Do you ever skip meals?
  • Do you ever eat meals “on the run?”
  • Do you get lots of fruits and vegetables every day?
  • Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
  • Do you have PMS?
  • Do you have dark blood, cramps, or clots during your period?

If you answered “yes” to any of these things, taking a multivitamin is right for you (and you can and should continue to take it into pregnancy).

Which Multivitamin is the Best for Conception?

Not all multivitamins are created equal. You need to choose the highest quality available, because you're depending on it to help you conceive and carry your healthy baby to term! It will also let you make rich breast milk for your baby. Since you're going to be taking it for a long time, you need to pick the best.

Be sure to choose a Whole Foods MultiVitamin for the best boost!

Be sure to choose a Whole Foods MultiVitamin for the best boost!

The first thing to look for in a multivitamin is a whole food base.

You already know that the best way to get your nutrition is through your food. A multivitamin should be made of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that come from food – not a test tube.

Studies have shown repeatedly that food-based supplements are better absorbed by your body. In fact, studies have shown that synthetic vitamins (like synthetic Vitamin A and D) are actually harmful to the body!

Your body will absorb a food-based supplement much better. Plus, you can't overdose easily on food-based vitamins and minerals. There are enzymes and other catalysts that help your body process the nutrients (you should still stick with the recommended dosages for safety).

Don't take isolated vitamins and minerals, or the cheap bottled vitamins you find at discount stores, grocery stores, and buying clubs. These vitamins are not balanced with real foods – and their quality is very low. In fact, most of it will come out when you go to the bathroom – you'll literally be flushing your money away.

What Should My Fertility Multi Have In It?

You want a fertility vitamin to have all the essential vitamins and minerals. Watch the video to the right by Master Herbalist Hethir to learn more in depth.

The basics to look for include calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate, and Iron. You want iron from a food based source – synthetic iron is very hard for your body to digest!

I recommend that even if you're getting a multivitamin as a fertility supplement that you include some fertility super foods as well. Cod Liver Oil is especially important and contains animal-based nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin D – plant-based versions of these nutrients are hard to digest.

You also want your multi to have other nutrients. Berry extracts are very good for nourishing your cells and building your organs. They provide bioflavonoid that boost your immune function and help you stay healthy to conceive.

Herb extracts are a must – look for red raspberry especially. It's a wonderful tonic preconception and during pregnancy. Other foods like dandelion and alfalfa help gently cleanse your liver to keep your body in top condition for getting pregnant.

A multivitamin has been scientifically proven to increase fertility. It's one fertility supplement you must take – it not only boosts your fertility, it prepares your body for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby!

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