Trying to Conceive Checklists

Are you planning to try to conceive soon? These handy checklists will help you prepare yourself for pregnancy! There are helpful tips for your man, too. The first checklist covers the basics of trying to conceive and getting pregnant. Use it first!

Next up is the diet and fitness checklist, which covers the (sometime surprising steps) you should take to get your body more healthy for conception and pregnancy.

The medical checklist covers things you should consider when you're talking to your doctor. It also goes over some testing possibilites to consider before TTC.

You know a baby brings big changes to your lifestyle. Are you ready for them? The lifestyle and finacial checklist is meant to give you a good reality check into what you should be thinking about before you see two little lines on the pregnancy test!

Each of these checklists presents you a valuable chance to get things ready and in order for a healthy pregnancy, so take the time to read over and think about them.

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