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Use a Fertility Cleanse to Prepare for Pregnancy

You've heard that cleansing is good for your health – but a fertility cleanse is special. It's beneficial to your body for all the standard reasons: it helps remove toxins from your system and allows your body to rebuild.

A cleanse specifically designed for use preconception has more benefits. It helps gently clean out your digestive system, your liver, your kidneys, and the other usual organs – and it focuses on your uterus.

Your uterus will be home to your baby for nine months. A healthy uterus is important not just for getting pregnant, but also for the health of your future child.

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It will remove toxins such a mercury, birth control hormones, old menstrual blood, old fecal matter, and environmental toxins from cleaners and pesticides.

If you have any signs of uterine imbalance – heavy periods, cramps, brown/dark/purple or clotty blood during your period, or even PMS, a cleanse is vital. It will help restore balance to your body and ease your cycles.

An effective fertility cleanse is designed with herbs, vitamins, and minerals to gently flush the liver, dissolves adhesions, cysts, old blood, and excessive tissue growth so your body can move all those things out. The herbs in a properly formulated cleanse will also deal with excessive or low hormone levels, bring balance to your hormones (so you can maintain the good uterine health the cleanse gives you).

It also promotes circulation in your body – a must to boost fertility and promote conception. The herbs, vitamins, and minerals in the formula nourish your eggs and encourage ovulation.

A good cleanse doesn't just require you to pop a few pills – the best cleanses include some self-care to promote faster detoxification and healing. Castor oil packs (an external remedy) are highly effective, as is fertility self-massage.

What About Eating?

I recommend a fertility cleanse over a fast (though you can do a short fast to start, if you wish) – this is simply because you're about to become pregnant and you want to be as well-nourished as possible. A fertility cleanse with comprehensive instructions on what to eat is best.

The basics will be the same – remove harmful substances from your diet (processed foods, sugar, excessive carbohydrates, soy foods, etc.) Add in good foods – organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy (I recommend going light on the dairy during your cleanse). Lots of water!

You'll want to eat a big salad daily to help keep yourself “regular” and keep everything that is loosening and dissolving moving out of you. Smoothies (especially a fertility smoothie!) will also assist with this, plus they pack a lot of nutrition!

A Cleanse For Him?

Your man can also benefit from a fertility cleanse. A cleanse specially designed for him should detoxify and remove excess hormones (especially estrogen). Look for one that will alkalize his body and increase reproduction – these promote a good sperm count and healthy, normal sperm.

Just as for you, a cleanse should support his liver and digestive system. Watch out though, after both of you cleanse life in the bedroom might get more exciting as your experience optimal hormone production and the… …stimulating effects of those hormones 😉

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