Trying to Conceive Basics

Just what's important when you want to get pregnant? These trying to conceive basics get you off to the right start – so you get pregnant, sooner 🙂

waterfall_fluidEvery month while your body is mixing up hormonal cocktails it's also doing something else – it's giving you pretty clear signs of when your fertile days are happening.

Your Fertility Signs

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you're a little more… moist… between your legs? How about downright juicy?

Did you know that's normal? Yeah, just stop now and take a deep breath.

There are also times in your cycle where you're going feel pretty high and dry. Times when you may not much be interested in your man's advances. And there may be times when you can't think of anything but getting him into the bedroom.

Luckily for you and me there's information available to help us read our bodies. The basics of natural family planning have been studied for a few decades now. Maybe you've heard other women talk about “charting their cycle.” This is how you find out your fertility pattern.

Learning about your basal body temperature, cervical mucus (also called cervical fluid or fertile fluid) , and cervix position will give you key insights into your body while you're trying to conceive.

Basically all those hormones dancing through your bloodstream cause you to have more copious and “slippery” cervical fluid when you're fertile. After you've ovulated that dries up – and your waking, or “basal,” temperature shifts upwards sharply.

More Tools for You

Learning to watch for these key changes in your body is the first step and is the best way to find out how to get pregnant fast.

If you're not getting pregnant quickly, though, there are other tips and TTC tools that can help you. This is also a good time to take stock of your – trust me, it's important!

An ovulation calendar is a program that calculates the days you'll be most fertile based on the first day of your last period and the length of your cycles. It gives you an estimate of when to look for fertile signs. Note that you may not be fertile when predicts – especially not if you have a history of irregular cycles.

If you're like clockwork, though, it can be helpful while you're trying to conceive!

How Your Man Works

Having an idea of what's going on with your man is a good idea, too. The male reproductive system is set up so he's always fertile – but “always” doesn't mean things never go wrong on his end.

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Top Fertility Tips

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Read on for more information on tracking your fertile days, recognizing fertility signs, etc.

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