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The ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor – I Only Got to Use it Once!

There are a ton of fertility aids on the market, as you've obviously noticed. Out of all the competition one consistently pulls ahead as the favorite. The ClearBlue Fertility Monitor is an easy-to-use, effective monitor that's incredibly accurate.

It works by detecting two hormones in your urine, luteinizing hormone and estradiol. Estradiol is the estrogen that's most prominent in the female cycle.

Both of these hormones surge just before ovulation occurs. By detecting the level of these hormones in your urine, the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor can pinpoint ovulation.


The ClearBlue Easy fertility monitor is almost as accurate as going to the fertility clinic to determine when you're ovulating.

In fact, it's just about as accurate as going to the fertility clinic and having a blood sample analyzed. Women who use their Clear Blue Easy while they're being treated at a fertility clinic report that the monitor gives the same results as their blood tests at the clinic.

You can feel confident with the Clearblue because it uses fertility signs in the urine – a proven way to detect female hormone levels. Plus you can use a test stick midstream (meaning you pee over the stick, like a pregnancy test) or you can collect a sample and dip. This makes the process virtually mess-less.

It gives you clear, accurate results at a fraction of what tests at the fertility clinic cost, which is why many thousands of women opt for the monitor. Plus you get to use it in the privacy of your own home. No car trips, waiting rooms, or uncomfortable situations!

Out of all the monitors on the market I get reports about success with the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor more often than any others. It's easy to use, easy to read, and can help you get pregnant several months faster!

Case Study:

Jamie (name has been changed) and her husband both did shift work at a local plant. They often worked opposing shifts and Jamie was often working a night shift. There was no way she could chart her cycle and she wanted to get pregnant as soon as possible.

She decided to get a ClearBlue Easy fertility monitor. She purchased the monitor at the end of her cycle and began using it as soon as her next cycle began. She knew exactly when to use a test stick because the monitor told her. The tests were easy to use – she preferred dipping into a cup rather than midstream (she never thought of herself as terribly coordinated!).

The monitor read the test results in about 5 minutes a day, and Jamie was excited the day the monitor displayed two bars, meaning “High Fertility.” She and her husband Sam made love a couple of times during her “High Fertility” days and again when the monitor gave a “Peak Fertility” reading.

Jamie was delighted when, 12 days after her “Peak Fertility” reading, she got a positive pregnancy test! 9 months later she and Sam welcomed a healthy son (and Jamie gave up the shift work!)

Her only regret about the whole process? “I only got to use [the ClearBlue Easy] once!”

As you can see from my friend Jamie's story, the Clearblue is an easy-to-use, and accurate monitor.

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