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The Truth About Diet and Fertility

Infertility can be caused by poor nutrition… …Why aren’t doctors talking about this? Why are they pushing the same diet that has been proven to make women infertile? I don’t want to consider all the reasons – but I do want to show you what a few (brave) doctors found, and in another article what the few (very brave) individuals continue to find…

Great Preconception Diet = Perfection in Your Baby

That’s what Dr. Price’s extensive research and observations concluded. Dr. Weston A. Price was a dentist in the 1930’s who wondered why his dental patients had major problems with their teeth – and with their health. He and his wife decided to travel around the globe to discover if all people had bad teeth.

Dr. Price’s world travel and subsequent laboratory research was amazing. He found that peoples still living on their “native” diets were extremely healthy and had excellent teeth.

Why is this important to you? Dr. Price gave a lot of attention to mothers, pregnancy, and babies. Mothers in these native cultures conceived with ease, had healthy pregnancies, and had very healthy babies. They also made rich, plentiful milk for their babies.

They focused on diet and fertility for their mothers-to-be (and often fathers-to-be). Special diets continued through pregnancy and nursing.

Dr. Price also saw how beautiful and healthy the babies and children were – and how health immediately declined when the mother’s diet changed to processed “modern” foods.

That’s right, as soon as the mother stopped eating a specialized fertility diet the effects could be seen in her babies – they were more sickly, had bad teeth, and even their bone structure became narrower and weaker. Their children had birth defects.

Dr. Price discovered that by improving your preconception nutrition, you have more effect on the health of your child (and of his or her teeth and bones) than genetics do.

You’re NOT Giving Birth to a Kitten…

…but Dr. Pottenger’s work is still very important. He’s famous for his work with cats.

Luckily for us, Dr. Pottenger made detailed observations on the health of his cat mothers and their babies. He saw the giant effect diet had on mother cats and kittens – and wondered if the same was true for human mothers and babies.

This led Dr. Pottenger to extensive study on human nutrition. He found the same thing as Dr. Price – a mother’s nutrition has a giant impact on the health and good development of her baby. When a mother has a nourishing diet made up of whole foods before conception her pregnancy is healthier and so is her baby. When a mother is eating processed foods or not getting the right nutrients her child suffers – the child is not as healthy, has crowded teeth and poor bone development.

Both Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger found that the “pinched” narrow faces and thin, spindly bodies we often see in people today are the result of nutritional deficiency. Dr. Price found that when a mother was well-nourished before conception her baby had a wide, beautiful face and was strong and sturdy. Dr. Pottenger studied mothers who had children with health and development problems. He put those same mothers on nutrient dense diets before and throughout their next pregnancies – and the children born after the diet change had much, much greater health and better structure than their older siblings.

Another interesting point – Dr. Pottenger was able to watch the health of his cats through several generations. The cats who ate a processed diet gave birth to kittens who had more and more health problems and birth defects. Finally by the third and fourth generations of cats, they could not reproduce anymore.

The cats became infertile.

Dr. Pottenger couldn’t study humans for as long – we live quite a bit longer before reproducing. And how could Dr. Pottenger have let a study like this go on, knowing that a processed, nutrient-poor diet leads to birth defects and infertility? It would have been completely un-ethical to try and scientifically “prove” such at thing because Dr. Pottenger already knew the results.

Poor nutrition and processed foods lead to infertility – your diet and fertility are very closely linked..

This leads us to another doctor who faced a very similar issue:

That Every Woman Should Know

Dr. Tom Brewer wanted every woman to know about his research – and his research is extensive and detailed. He was a real champion for the health of mothers and babies.

Unlike Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger, Dr. Brewer’s focus wasn’t diet and fertility – it was on pregnant women. His work is still incredibly vital to you as you try to conceive. You see, Dr. Brewer found the same thing that Drs. Price and Pottenger did – that maternal diet is absolutely vital to the health of her child – and her own health!

You don’t want to just get pregnant. You want to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. You don’t want a pregnancy full of complications and danger to your child – or to yourself.

You’ve seen the news in recent years – premature birth rates are soaring. Maternal and infant mortality rates are unacceptably high in first world countries (yes, even the medically-driven United States). Neonatologists – the doctors who specialize in “high risk pregnancy” are in high demand. And the NICU visit (neonatal intensive care unit) is a sobering reality for a giant number of newborn babies. There are even iPhone applications to help you keep track of your high-risk pregnancy! When things get to this point – you know something isn’t right.

You’re going to work very hard to conceive your baby – do you really want a pregnancy full of complications and health risks for you or your baby?

The work of these doctors is groundbreaking – and like most nutritional research, its quietly being ignored by the medical schools – your doctor doesn’t know anything about this. And drug companies are padding enough pockets to keep it quiet.

Dr. Brewer managed to be vocal enough to get some real action taken to improve the health of mothers and babies – for a time. It was his ground-breaking campaigning that got dangerous, killer diuretic drugs taken off the pregnancy market (these drugs were killing and damaging babies in decades past).

When Dr. Brewer was in charge of a low-income clinic in California the rate of pre-eclampsia (toxemia, HELLP, PIH, etc.) dropped to almost nothing.

He treated these women with one simple tactic: diet. He advocated basic, nourishing foods. The women in Dr. Brewer’s care did not have a lot of money. They spent what they had on basic foods like milk, eggs, meats, green veggies, and sweet potatoes. By using the information Dr. Brewer (personally) taught each of them, they used these basic, whole foods to prepare nourishing meals and give birth to healthy babies.

His results are criticized because it wasn’t a “carefully controlled, double-blind study.” Put yourself in Dr. Brewer’s place. If you knew that being the “control” meant a woman and her baby could die… would you put them in that place? What if it “just” meant that she’d have complications and a low-birth weight baby? Or “just” birth defects? Could you ever do that to a woman and child in the name of a “double-blind study?”

No. No more than Dr. Pottenger could assign infertility and birth defects to generations of children.

It would be a crime against humanity – but not even close to the scale that quietly discrediting and covering up their work is. Women and children suffer every day because this information has been tossed aside in favor of profits for the medical money machine that controls our governments. (But I digress…)

Dr. Brewer also destroyed myths about putting women on low-calorie, low-salt diets (and using the harsh diuretics he campaigned against.) The sad thing is, these special diets are coming back – medical associations are again recommending that pregnant women count the calories, and eat low-fat, high carbohydrate diets.

What Dr. Price, Dr. Pottenger, Dr. Brewer, and all their associates found was that these low fat, low salt, high carbohydrate, processed diets damage mothers – and damage babies. They cause infertility, pregnancy complications, and birth defects.

Many other doctors have also discovered this kind of eating leads to depression – so it’s a perfect set-up for the massive postpartum depression problems we see today. Our modern diet and “expert” advice is starving mothers and babies – and it’s killing mothers and babies (and most countries are quietly covering it up by refusing to keep statistics – but that’s another subject).

You can’t afford to ignore this critical research on diet and fertility. Thankfully there are men and fighting today to get this information to you and continue the legacy that these men began. Don’t ignore this world-changing research – your baby’s life depends on it.

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