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False Unicorn – Trusted Fertility Herb

False Unicorn is a trusted fertility herb and has been used by women for centuries. It's incredibly gentle on the system, yet quite powerful. It's considered a great herb for women who want to enhance their fertility – and their health – naturally.

One of the primary effects of the herb is its ability to alkalize organs in your body. This is beneficial from a fertility viewpoint, and from a sense of your overall well-being. It means it creates a less acid environment which is healthier for sperm and promotes health in your newly conceived baby.

False Unicorn has long been respected as an herb that can help prevent miscarriage. The late, beloved midwife and champion for conscious conception Jeannine Parvati Baker gave this formula for use in the event of threatened miscarriage:

1oz wild yam
1oz squaw vine
1oz false unicorn
1oz cramp bark

She recommended simmering the herbs for 20 minutes in a quart of water. This creates and herbal infusion (tea). Drink a wine glass full of this tea every four hours until symptoms of miscarriage subside. Jeannine wrote of great success using this formulation.

It's is useful to take even as you're preparing to try to conceive or if you're having trouble getting pregnant. It helps balance and normalize hormone levels, safely. Like red raspberry, it has toning properties that benefit your uterus.

It is is safe to take daily for extended periods of time as long as you take it in small doses. You can add a few drops of tincture to your daily red raspberry and red clover conception tea.

It's OK to use the herb into the first trimester if miscarriage threatens, but stop using it once you reach your second trimester.

It's important to note that False Unicorn is an endangered species. It's best to obtain it from trusted sources and avoid wild-harvesting. Choose a company that practices sustainable herb harvesting so you know that it will be there for you (and your daughters and granddaughters) in the future.

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