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Fertility Problems You Can Beat

Overcoming fertility problems can seem to take over your life. You want desperately to conceive the baby of your dreams, but your own body seems against you. What can you do to successfully treat infertility and finally get pregnant?

There are several fertility problems that you can beat at home, with natural treatments. Even if you choose to consult with your doctor and pursue some conventional treatments, changes and strategies you use at home can enhance your results and get a baby into your arms. Here are some situations you can overcome and treat naturally:


PCOS or polysystic ovarian syndrome is a problem that more and more women are having. It’s related to insulin-resistance, the precursor to diabetes. Diabetes is a menace that is becoming more and more prevalent in the modern world. It destroys lives – and even the imperceptible starting stages of the disease can cause infertility.

You can treat PCOS at home by changing the way you eat and live. That’s right – you can begin to overcome PCOS and get closer to the baby you desire just by making simple changes at home. First, realize that PCOS, metabolic disorder, and diabetes all start with insulin problems – and those are caused by modern diets ridiculously high in sugar. Maybe you don’t eat a lot of sugar – but you’re probably still eating a lot of complex carbohydrates (grains) and fruits. These all break down into, you guessed it, sugar. That floods your system with sugar and your body just can’t handle it. A low carb diet is the best way to treat PCOS and reverse insulin resistance – eliminating the threat of diabetes while you’re at it. Get more information on PCOS in the full article.

Infertility After Birth Control

You’d be surprising by how many women experience fertility problems after coming off of birth control. The pill, the patch, and birth control shots can all cause fertility issues for women that take months to reverse. This is no place to have a discussion on the pros and cons of hormonal birth control – but it’s good to realize that there may be consequences for some users.

The good news is that issues caused by hormonal birth control are usually reversible. Many women have scanty fertile fluids and may have irregular cycles after stopping their birth control. Good nutrition is one of the keys to getting fertile fluids back in line. There are effective herbal supplements to help regulate your cycle.

Many women are surprised to find there are no “problems” at all – it just takes a couple of months for cycles to become normal. And some women aren’t familiar with normal fertility signs, so a good course on natural fertility can help them get pregnant quickly and easily.

No Fertile Fluid

Low or no fertile fluids are common fertility problems. As I mentioned above, this is often a result of using hormonal birth control. It can also result from diet, however – and the surprising thing is it’s most often a side-effect of a low-fat diet.

Fat is needed by our body for many, many things. Our brains are mostly made of fat, and fat is a required precursor for hormone production. Your cycles won’t be ideal if you’re not producing the right level of hormones, or if your body can’t make hormones at all.

Studies are showing that full-fat dairy products can help women get pregnant. Don’t think it’s limited to just dairy (though I’m a dairy fan myself!) – healthy fish oils, olive oil, coconut oil, and grass-fed meats with some of the fat left on are all very good for you. Fish and grass-fed meats are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that greatly boost fertility and your fertile fluid.

There are also effective herbal supplements that can and will boost your fertile fluids.

Irregular Cycles

Irregular cycles plague many women, but many, many women are still able to get pregnant. Irregular cycles or short luteal phases and other cycle problems can often be overcome.

The hormones mentioned above may play a large part, so adding in fat and nutrition-packed foods to your diet will help that.

But one of the best ways to treat fertility problems that start from irregular cycles is with herbs. Herbal remedies have long been trusted for helping to normalize the menstrual cycle and relieve complaints like painful periods or scanty periods.

Effective, and Often Simple

Though balancing your nutrition and using herbal remedies may seem intimidating at times, natural methods to balance cycles and remove fertility problems are often effective and really very simple compared to harsh rounds of prescription medication and assisted fertility.

It usually takes time to see results – you’re improving your overall health and getting your body back in working order. Give nutritional, herbal, and other natural therapies at least 3-6 months to start seeing real results. Know that you’re making your body healthier and more whole for the baby you will conceive. And when you’re finally carrying that dreamed of child you’ll know you have a much better chance of carrying a healthy, happy baby to term.

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