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How to Use the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

This is the second video I've done on the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. This is a great little monitor. I really like it and find it very easy to use. It has increased my confidence about my really weird fertility! Here's the video on how to use the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor. I talk about some of the quirks and issues with the monitor, too:

Okay – as you can see it is very straightforward and easy to use.

One issue that I do have with the monitor is that once you get a high, it stays a high until peak. That's fine if your hormones are completely normal, but mine are not. I'm still breastfeeding, so my hormones are kind of all over the place. I sometimes get a high and then have 10-15 days of highs before it's time to press the “m” button! No peaks because of breastfeeding still working to suppress ovulation. I wish it would go back to lows if my hormones go back to low level. I realize that this is a little outside of the scope of what the monitor is supposed to do, but it would be nice to get it accurately.

This issue has led me to start looking at the sticks, which technically you're not supposed to do. You can “read” the sticks without the monitor, though. Here's my latest batch of sticks, waiting to see some action (they're not :p):


I label the sticks since I'm obsessive like that (I label pregnancy tests and such, too). You can see the date, my cycle day, and the reading that corresponds to that stick. If I happen to get a high reading I can compare it to the lows… and compare all the high readings that come after (that are really lows because my hormones are still all over).

Other than that, I really have no complaints about the monitor. It was a little confusing in the first few days as I got the hang of it, and as I learned more about it. I highly recommend you keep the user's manual close by in the first few days of using the monitor! Once you've learned to use it, though, it's a piece of cake. The only other issue is the price, but it does have good resale value, and can be used each time you want to TTC!

You can get a monitor here:

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