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Fertility and the Law of Attraction

I'm sure you've heard of the Law of Attraction – but just what does that have to do with fertility? It has a lot to do with your fertility, with getting pregnant and carrying a healthy baby, and with your entire life.

Now the “Law of Attraction” is a big buzz-word nowadays. You hear it a whole lot. But I really think all the popular articles and bits of information on it leave a lot to be desired.

It's really a combination of things that involve conscious conception. Brian Tracy's book Maximum Achievement highlights not one, but seven. Don't get lost here – these are really important.


I'm going to skip a couple of laws and get to the one that's really important to you right here, right now… The Law of Belief. use the law of attraction to get your dream baby Your beliefs and expectations play a big part in your ability to conceive your dream baby.

Why is this one so important? It states “whatever I believe, with feeling, becomes my reality.” Do you see where that could impact your fertility? Do you believe “I'll never get pregnant,” “getting pregnant is hard,” “I always miscarry,” or another such limiting belief?

Expectation and Correspondence

There's another law that you need to be aware of. The Law of Expectation states “I don't get what I want in life – I get what I expect.”

Do you expect the best? Or do you expect the worst? Do you expect getting pregnant to be hard, do you expect that you'll miscarry, do you expect that you'll never see those two lines on a pregnancy test? Lets jump to another law – the Law of Correspondence.

When things “correspond” they “fit together.” This law states “My outer world is a reflection of my inner world.” So what's going on inside of your head, and in your thoughts reflects the reality you see in life. In other words, your beliefs and your expectations shape your reality to meet them.


Now the Law of Attraction comes into play – because what you believe and expect is going to be manifested in your outer life. And you're going to attract the people, the situations, and solutions (or lack of solutions) that will create the life that you want to have.

Generally people carry on about all of this in relation to money. But you don't want money (well, maybe you do, but that's not the point) – you want a baby. To activate the Law of Attraction to bring you the pregnancy and baby you desire, you need to first start living your life properly on the inside.

You need to change your beliefs from “I'll never get pregnant” to “I am preparing for healthy pregnancy.” Stop expecting conception to be hard. Know that as soon as it's time for you to conceive, you will conceive. Hold the expectation that you'll get pregnant as soon as you're supposed to get pregnant.

The Knowledge Will Come

Once you change your beliefs and your expectations (and believe me, you have the power to change these things), you'll find yourself taking the steps you need to have the baby of your dreams.

You'll discover new information, or you'll find ways to apply the information you had all along. Resources will come to light that allow you to make choices and take definite steps towards holding your baby. The Law of Attraction may not impact your fertility in obvious, expected ways.

You may end up trying things you never thought you'd try, and find that your overall health and well-being are greatly improved. And of course, you'll be boosting your fertility. It's important that you begin with your inner life. Examine your beliefs and expectations and change those.

Don't have a negative attitude – stop feeling sorry for yourself, or worse, angry when you see pregnant women and babies. That's proof that you've got the wrong beliefs. Know that you, too will be pregnant or holding your baby.

Once you know that you'll have a baby in your arms, you can use the resources, information, and tools the Law of Attraction brings to you in ways that will boost your fertility and bring your baby to your arms.

Conscious conception involves inviting your desired baby into your life – and then waiting with confident expectation, knowing that your baby will arrive when the timing is right.

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