Get a Maca Fertility Boost

Are you looking for a food-based natural fertility booster? Take a look at maca fertility enhancement is just one of its health benefits.

This root vegetable is native to Peru and Ecuador and has been revered for generations due to its medicinal properties.

Maca resembles a turnip in shape and look. It's packed with nutritional benefits in addition to its health benefits. It contains a host of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

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A Maca Fertility Legend

Long ago conquerors from Spain invaded the Andes mountains, taking over the land in the name of their country. Their victory became bittersweet shortly thereafter… their men began to lose their sex drive! The women found they had little desire for the men – and even worse, both men and women became infertile. Those women who did conceive miscarried their babies.

The Spaniards also noticed their animals began to be unable to reproduce – yet the local peoples they had conquered (and the local animals) remained able to get pregnant and carry babies to term.

You probably know the reason already – maca. Natives ate maca regularly. They usually ground the root into a powder and added it to their foods regularly. They also fed it to their livestock and other animals.

The Spaniards were not stupid – they didn't question the maca fertility powers long. They started to add maca to their diets and gave it to their animals as well. The men found their libido returned and the women were again able to become pregnant and give birth to healthy babies.

Maca, Fertility for Men and Women

As the legend suggests, maca has balancing and fertility boosting power for men and women. It works because it nurtures the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands. It doesn't contain any hormones, but it effects hormone levels of both men and women.

Maca boosts fertility in women by balancing estrogen levels. Estrogen can be big culprit in miscarriage. It can help increase progesterone (which excess estrogen lowers). Low progesterone is responsible for luteal phase defects, a huge cause of miscarriage. Maca balances out the estrogen, allowing progesterone levels to rise. That means a pregnancy can be sustained and a healthy baby carried to term.

Men can also suffer from too much estrogen. It's especially common today with estrogen-like hormones in so many things (soy products, soy formula during infancy, plastics, BPA, etc.) Maca helps lower excess estrogen in mine which can increase libido and encourage healthy sperm development.

Maca is good for:

  • Women with low quality eggs
  • Women suffering endometriosis
  • Women with PCOS
  • Women suffering multiple miscarriages
  • Women preparing for IVF
  • Stress-related Infertility

Scientific studies have proven the beneficial effects of maca on the glands and hormones, as well as its positive effect on male fertility.

How to Take It:

Maca is a food, so you really can't take too much. Maca fertility boosting properties are strongest when it's taken regularly. Maca can be taken in several forms – pill, liquid, or powder (best mixed in a fertility smoothie!)

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