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How to Overcome Male Infertility

It's estimated that around third of the couples who cannot conceive are facing male infertility. In general you're considered to be having infertility issues when you've been trying for one year to get pregnant and haven't had success. Male infertility has several different causes, but just like female infertility, it can often be treated naturally.

Many fertility issues faced by men involve low sperm counts, or low quality sperm. So increasing your man's fertility is often a process of nourishing his sperm in natural ways.

If you're unsure about what his sperm count is or the health of his sperm, male fertility tests are some of the easiest and most non-invasive. Your man can give a sample to be tested quickly and easily. It's very private.

How Do I Start Improving Sperm Count and Quality?

  • Stop Bad Habits
  • Your Sperm Are What You Eat
  • Libido and Testosterone Boosting Activities
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Libido and Testosterone Boosting Herbs

Start with the very basics. Get rid of bad habits, or things that just may not be the best for sperm – stop smoking, don't drink heavily, and work to eliminate over-the-counter drugs. Work with your healthcare provider to try and reduce prescription medications, too.

Your Sperm Are What You Eat

Remember another basic – your body is made of what you eat. That means your sperm are what you eat. If you eat junk food you can expect…well, junk sperm. Don't think I'm singling you out guys – I spend a lot of time telling the gals to eat well, too.

Examine your diet. Everything I've written in the preconception nutrition section applies to men, too. What you eat now will increase the health of newly developing sperm. Those sperm will mature between one and three months from now, so diet changes can have a relatively quick impact.

Libido and Testosterone Boosting Activities

What you spend your time doing can have a big impact on your libido, testosterone, and other essential hormone levels. Doing things to increase these is a good idea.

Spend time getting some physical activity in daily. You don't need to do hard work, but getting out and walking can keep your blood flowing to your reproductive organs (and all of your body). You'll feel better and your sperm get the nutrients they need. Plenty of blood flow and nutrients can also increase your sperm count.

Hormonal Balancing

You know that it's the ladies that get a reputation for having hormones out of balance… but the truth is guys often have hormones that need a tune-up. It's becoming especially common as poor nutrition and evironmental pollutants lead to digestive problems, sickness, and bad health.

Testosterone is a major hormones for the guys and unfortunately many substances in the modern world suppress testosterone. Many pollutants act like estrogens in the body which stops your body from being able to act… well, like a guy's body! Inability to maintain erection, low libido, poor sperm counts, and lowered seminal fluid production can all result.

How do you work on balancing the hormones?

  • Avoid soy
  • Eat organic meats and dairy (preferably grass-fed meats)
  • Eat fat from grass fed animals and dairy
  • Minimize use of soft plastics (use metal or glass containers)
  • Eat plenty of red meat
  • Eat vegetables
  • Eat shellfish
  • Do a male fertility cleanse

Libido and Testosterone Boosting Herbs

Finally there are herbs proven to boost male fertility. Use them for several months, at least 3 and preferably 6 to start seeing the best results. They can be taken along with your dietary changes. If you're going to do a male fertility cleanse, start the herbs after your cleanse.

  • Maca – Maca increases libido and healthy sperm.
  • Tribulus – tirbulus has been shown to increase testosterone in men. It has been scientifically proven to increase luteinizing hormone (LH) which causes the secretion of testosterone in the male.
  • Panax Ginseng – Ginseng boosts sperm count and quality.

It's worth it to go through a few simple steps to increase male fertility naturally, and relatively easily.

Again, keep these points in mind:

  • Stop Bad Habits
  • Your Sperm Are What You Eat
  • Libido and Testosterone Boosting Activities
  • Hormonal Balancing
  • Libido and Testosterone Boosting Herbs

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