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Meadowsweet Has Specific Fertility Uses

Meadowsweet is an herb with a long history of use. It was used often in the Middle Ages and especially by the Druids. It's still used to flavor foods in Europe. It is known to have anti-coagulant properties and because of this it has proven useful to some women with thrombophilia disorders who are having trouble conceiving.

Thrombophilias are disorders that cause blood clots to form easily (too easily). There can be different causes – some women make too much of the class of proteins that create blood clots. Other women do not make enough of another class of proteins – these proteins have anti-clotting properties.

If you have a thrombophilia condition you may be able to conceive successfully but unable to carry your pregnancy to term. There are a variety of treatments available and it's good to discuss them with a knowledgeable doctor or midwife.

Meadowsweet is an herbal remedy to consider – research it with the help of your care provider. You may have been told that Aspirin is useful for anti-clotting properties, and Aspirin was derived from the herb (a synthetic equivalent is what went into Aspirin). It was used to aid with pain relief and other problems before Aspirin was even a thought! In fact, people would simply chew up the leaves to get relief from their pain.

It can be safe to take throughout the first trimester, however I again recommend you to coordinate closely with your midwife during treatment. Meadowsweet is usually taken by making an infusion (a tea) with the leaves. The infusion is made with dried leaves and is dosed by the glass.

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