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An Ovulation Calculator and Calendar

I’m a little ashamed to admit the time I spent with an ovulation calendar before Galen was conceived. I input different “last period” dates to see just what “due date” it would assign. I recorded different fertile windows onto the calendar and tried to decide which I thought was “best.”

When the time to TTC finally arrived, the ovulation calculator did a pretty good job of pinpointing my fertile week.

My calculator allowed me to put in my typical cycle length and I’ve included that feature in yours, too. This is especially helpful if your cycle is shorter or longer than the “textbook” 28-day cycle. If you have an irregular cycle use this is an estimate – and no matter what your situation, trust your fertility signs over a computer’s predictions!

The calculator is also going to give you and estimated due date based on conceiving during the stated fertile period. In general, a due date based on conception is pretty accurate. Enjoy!



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