The Ovum

The ovum is a cell inside of you with enormous potential. Despite its delicate name (from the Latin word for egg), the it's actually a pretty big cell – it can generally be seen without a microscope. It's this cell your hopeful daddy-to-be's sperm are after. Once fertilized by sperm the ovum becomes and embryo – your minute baby.

human_ovumThe best thing you can do in relation to your eggs while trying to conceive is by making it easy for the sperm to get to them each cycle.

But there are some times when you may be curious about your eggs. If you've having continued issues with inability to conceive poor egg quality could be an issue.

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Top Fertility Tips

Generally eggs degrade over time, so the older you are, the more likely egg quality is to be an issue. Eggs that are of lower quality may have trouble dividing, may be missing important genetic data, or have other issues.

There are some tests, such as the FSH test, that may give an indication of egg quality.

Generally treatments for egg quality tend to rely on pharmaceutical drugs, though some herbal and nutritional approaches may enhance your overall health and your body's ability to help a healthy egg mature.