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Prepare for Conception by Making Room in Your Life for a Baby (Now)

You're trying to prepare for conception (or maybe you've been trying for months and are desperate for a baby). You're willing to try anything… but have you taken care of the very basics? Have you made room in your life for a baby?

prepare for conception by making room for little feet in your life now

Maybe you've tried all kinds of ways of getting pregnant, but if a baby arrived on your doorstep tomorrow, would you be ready?

This is important because it gets to the core of conscious conception – sending a clear signal out that you're ready for a baby. No matter how you want to put it – developing an intention, sending an order out to the universe, inviting your baby in, praying for your baby… you need to make it clear that your life is ready for your baby.

This goes beyond basic lip-service doctors and fertility specialists give you about how to prepare for conception. You've probably already stopped bad habits (such as smoking, heavy drinking, depending on illegal, over-the-counter, and non life-sustaining prescription drugs.) But have you really made the changes necessary for a baby to become part of your life?

Slow Down

Make time for a baby now. Slow down the pace of your life. If you're always out and about, change that. Stop the “go-go-go” of modern life. Even if you see parents out at all hours with their kids in tow, don't think this is how it's supposed to be. Children need to grow up in a calm, loving, family environment. “It takes a village to raise a child” – not a sprawling urban metropolis!

You'll be spending a lot of time at home with your new baby in the early months, so slow down and make that time now. Use the time to pamper yourself. I'm serious – this is a great time to learn to let go. Parenting is going to be about letting go, and about learning.

It's also a lot about learning to say “no” – obviously you'll have to say no to your child some. But you'll also have a lot of commitments to keep and sometimes you will need to say no in order to keep your sanity – or more importantly, for your child's well-being.

The most important word in a parent's vocabulary is…

“T I M E” – that's right, time.

Your time is the most vital thing you can give your child. Don't believe the myths of “quality” time. It's all about quantity.

Staying home a bit more often now, learning to say no to things, and pampering yourself are important. It's a big stress reducer – and you know that stress can have a strong impact on your ability to conceive.

Prepare for conception by pampering yourself!

Planning For the Future – Today

Use this preconception time to sit down and think – think about how you want to parent. What do you want for your child? For your family? For yourself as a mother? What kind of baby care, parenting, education, lifestyle choices do you want to make for your child and your family? These are all important things to think about.

Nothing needs to be “set in stone” yet – in fact you'll be growing and changing as much as your child will. But starting to consider things and starting to make room for a child in your life now is important. It helps tell your subconscious mind that you're ready to be a mother – and it sends out the right signal of your intention. There's probably a little soul out there just waiting for you to prepare for conception 🙂

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