Red Clover Fertility Benefits

Red clover fertility benefits cover a wide range – it provides nutrients, toning, and supports your female systems. Red clover supports circulation, which moves blood through your reproductive organs. This boosts your fertility and makes a luxurious environment for your baby to begin life. It also helps aid blood volume expansion, which is vital during pregnancy to make sure your baby is healthy and you carry to term.

Red clover is a hardy plant known to increase soil fertility in the area around it. Time has shown that it lends its powerful fertility benefits to women as well.

A tonic is taken regularly and boosts your health. Red clover blossoms act as an herbal tonic and boost your reproductive system. Susan S. Weed, author of the Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year calls red clover “the single most useful herb for establishing fertility.”

Red clover is widely useful as a “purifying” herb. It helps to rid the body of mucous and aids the body in efficient waste elimination. It's also a blood booster and has long been used as a gentle cough remedy for children.

Boosting Your Fertility

It truly shines as a fertility boosting herb because of its nourishing properties. It has large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Most trace minerals are found in red clover blossoms. Calcium and magnesium are abundant and very available – so much so that Susan Weed states it is “exceedingly absorbable.”

These minerals are useful for supporting the blood and bones, as well as the reproductive system. A gentle red clover tonic makes all these nutrients available to the uterus and other reproductive organs. They also help to relax the reproductive system and allow it to work at maximum efficiency.

Red clover also has an alkalizing effect on the whole body, which creates a more sperm-friendly environment within your body. Combined with peppermint to make a tasty brew that also stimulates the sex drive it is a perfect drink to prepare for conception.

Red clover fertility benefits are especially noticeable when you're experiencing “unexplained infertility” and when you have scarring of the fallopian tubes or other issues such as endometriosis. It can also be used in an infusion with other female herbs (like red raspberry and nettles) to support regular menstrual cycles.

Remember that this herb is a tonic herb, meaning that regular use of it builds up the healing properties within your body. You may not see effects right away – just keep having your daily infusion and trust that the benefits are occurring. It's wonderful to start with a fertility cleanse, then drink an infusion of red clover, red raspberry, and nettles daily for several months as you build back up your nutrient reserves.

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