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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea – Fertility Tonic

Red raspberry leaf tea is full of vitamins and minerals that benefit and enhance your fertility. It contains vitamins C and E as well as calcium and iron. This nourishing herb works best when you use it as a tonic – use it on a regular basis to get maximum benefit.

Red raspberry is a traditional women's herb – it has been used safely for centuries. Women have traditionally used it while trying to conceive and all through pregnancy. It's so safe you can use it daily.

The herb helps tone all the muscles of the pelvis – and especially the uterus. This prepares your uterus for the implantation of your baby. It also aids in creating a rich, nourishing womb environment for your child. It increases blood flow to all your reproductive organs. Use it throughout pregnancy and it prepares your uterus for a safe, smooth childbirth (for you and baby).

The toning properties of this leaf also prevent miscarriage. It creates a well-toned uterus. This greatly reduces your risk of miscarriage. A toned uterus with rich uterine lining and plenty of blood flow attracts and keeps a healthy baby growing.

Using Red Raspberry

Herbalist Susan Weed reports that you'll find that red raspberry has the greatest benefit to your fertility when it's mixed with red clover.

The tea is easy to find and easy to make. Brew up a pot and have a cup hot or put a pitcher in the fridge for a cool tea to have throughout the day. Add a little honey as a sweetener if you wish, and enjoy. You can easily add red clover into the infusion (strong tea) to make it even more beneficial.

Weed even recommends adding a few drops of the tincture of a stronger herb periodically – dong quai and false unicorn are good choices while you're trying to get pregnant.

Each cup of tea contains an alkaloid, or a natural organic compound, that benefits the muscles of the pelvic region. This alkaloid gives the herb its remarkable ability to tone and strengthen the uterus.

Keep a pitcher of tea handy and replace soda and coffee with a cup or two a day. This will benefit you as you try to conceive. It can be used throughout pregnancy to continue to tone the uterus and help prepare you for childbirth. Some midwives recommend taking a break from it during the first trimester and resuming in the second trimester.

This is because it does tone the uterus – however, it is such a gentle herb that many other midwives say you can continue to use it. Do what you're most comfortable with – but definitely add red raspberry leaf tea to your daily menu while you're trying to conceive!

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