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Saw Palmetto – Boost Fertility for Women and Men

When you think of Saw Palmetto you may not think of an herb for female fertility – which is why it's important that you learn more. Saw Palmetto is an effective herb to treat infertility in men and in women.

The herb is actually a small palm tree which is native to the Southeastern United States. It grows slowly and lives a long time (sometimes hundreds of years). The extracts used for fertility treatments come from the fruits of the trees. They're rich in fatty acids and phytosterols, both of which are beneficial to you.

Female Fertility

Saw Palmetto has huge effects on female infertility problems when those problems are related to polycystic ovarian syndrome – or PCOS. The herb extract helps women to deal with excesses of the “male” hormones and primarily benefits those who have excess androgens.

The herb is safe for women to take. You can have excess androgen issues verified with your care provider before you begin treatment with the extracts.

It's not just safe – studies have actually shown that it can be just as or even more effective than medications commonly prescribed to women who have excess androgens.

Traditionally it has been used by women as a uterine and vaginal tonic.

Do stop taking Saw Palmetto during pregnancy. The testosterone-reducing effects that are so beneficial to you are not good for your baby.

It can help clear up problems with acne and facial hair as well as reducing symptoms of PCOS related to fertility. Beginning a low-carbohydrate diet while supplementing with the extract can help increase the effects and stop PCOS symptoms.

Male Fertility

Saw Palmetto is traditionally thought of as a “man's herb” and for good reason. It can help with a variety of prostate disorders (such as benign prostate hyperplasia) and it's also very supportive of overall reproductive health in males.

It builds up tissues and supports the health of the glands. It's similar to red raspberry and red clover for women's health – it's an all-around tonic that greatly benefits men.

It's also been shown to help with impotence and low libido issues, both of which can have a huge effect on male fertility.

How to Take It

The extract can be taken in standardized dosages (from 85%-95% standardized), making it easy to measure and take in capsule form. Many women with PCOS get the most benefit by taking it twice daily. It's often available for men in an overall men's fertility supplement – a great way to get your man to take everything he needs in one swoop!

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