Proven Tips for Conceiving a Baby Boy

Many families hope and dream for a baby boy. Studies show that in first world countries girls are becoming the most desired sex – however, there are still plenty of families that would like boys. It is possible to sway one way or another to give yourself a greater chance of a boy.

Remember that the only way to be completely certain that you'll get a boy is to use preimplantation genetic diagnosis (or PGD). PGD lets the doctors and lab technicians determine the sex of your baby before implanting the embryo into your uterus – so you're guaranteed to get a boy.

Though PGD is the only 100% way to determine your child's gender, it is possible to “sway the odds” in favor of getting a baby boy and to do so naturally.

How Do I Get My Baby Boy?

Many theories on what determines the sex of a baby are out there, and you've probably heard some of them. It was thought that sperm carrying genetic coding for boys swam faster than that of girls, though there's some dispute of that now. The leading theory at this point is that body pH favors one type of sperm over the other.

Male sperm, which are less resiliant overall, perform far better in an alkaline environment – girl sperm have a great chance of making it to the egg in an acid environment.

So many things you'll do to TTC a boy will involve making your body more alkaline, and giving the less hardy boy sperm a chance to get to the egg right away.

The Safety of Gender Swaying

It is, in general, very safe to “sway” for your baby. Most at-home methods of swaying involve diet, timing, and position so there's not much risk involved. I do encourage you to continue to eat very well – there's no point in restricting your diet and nutrient intakes just to get a baby boy. You don't want to work hard to conceive him only to be in poor health for the pregnancy. That's cheating your baby and yourself. It's possible to follow a nourishing preconception diet that also sways in favor of your desired gender.

An Outline for a Baby Boy

Here are the basic steps you can take to sway for your little man:

Eating For a Baby Boy

Since you want to create a more alkaline environment in your body for a baby boy, there are certain nutrients that are important. You want to get plenty of salt and potassium. You want to get lower levels of calcium and magnesium. Use sea salt for your salt – the brand “Real Salt” is best. It costs more than regular grocery store salt, but it lasts a long time. Don't get more than 5,000mg of potassium in one day because excess has been known to cause heart palpitations.

Side Note

Milk is generally discouraged on the boy diet (it is high in calcium). Fish is also discouraged. I had a problem with this recommendation because I wanted plenty of fat and protein to build a healthy baby (I wanted a healthy baby boy – not just a boy). I didn't want to start my pregnancy depleted. If a mother avoids dairy it's good for her to eat plenty of seafoods. The boy diet says to avoid both.

I decided I would have my daily quart of milk and follow the rest of the boy diet. To me the nutrition and fertility boost from grass-fed whole milk was worth the slight lowering of my chance for a boy. I still got a boy, and he was a happy, healthy one. I had a wonderful pregnancy and an easy birth. I'm sure I can't attribute all of that to milk – but I know that not starting my pregnancy depleted in a nutrient vital to my baby made a difference.

I suggest you make sure you are getting plenty of fat and protein. If you choose to do it without milk or fish, that's fine. But make sure you're getting the nutrition.

Good foods to eat when you're trying for a boy:

  • Tomatoes
  • Baby Carrots
  • Peaches
  • Pears
  • Meat (not fish)
  • Bananas
  • Potatoes
  • Gelatin

Get more info on the boy diet:

Best Odds Boy Diet

Tips for Baby-Boy-Making Sex

Boy sperm like very fertile fluids. If you have lots of fertile fluid every month, you're in luck. If you don't have a lot of fertile fluid you can work to change that. Add more good fats into your diet (dairy, coconut oil, olive oil, bacon drippings, etc. – AVOID corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, and vegetable oil). Taking Cod Liver Oil will also help. These will help balance your cycles and give your fertile fluids a boost.

If your fluids are still scanty you can use a sperm-safe lubricant like Preseed to help. Preseed has a proven track record and can make up for having less fertile fluids.

Orgasms help lower pH – so you should tell your man to make a point to please you! You want to have an orgasm for sure when you're actively having baby-making sex. It's also been shown that frequent orgasms can help, so even having orgasms up to the time you're planning to try to get pregnant is a good idea.

The prevailing theory is that you want to try and make love as close to your ovulation day as possible – preferably on it. This isn't fool-proof (just like going several days before or 12 hours after isn't certain to get you a girl). But it can sway the odds in your favor.

Use a fertility monitor or an ovulation kit to pinpoint your ovulation time. It's helpful to chart out several cycles so you get an idea of what your pattern is. I knew that I always ovulated around day 12 or 13 of my cycle, so I was prepared and watching for the signs when we were TTC Galen. If you chart your cycles regularly you probably won't need a monitor or OPK!

Have baby-making sex just once or twice right on or around your ovulation day. You should try and avoid having sex for about a week or so leading up to this, so you avoid the more “girl friendly” early ovulation days.

Some studies say to try and time baby-making sex in the morning after eating a heavy-carb breakfast so your blood sugar is high. The theory is that blood sugar is low in the morning before breakfast and high after. Blood sugar can get really high after a high-carb breakfast, but blood sugar tends to also be somewhat high before eating anything for many people. Test your blood sugar if you're not sure about yours. High blood sugar supposedly sways for boys, so you may want to eat a bowl of fruit before it's time to make love!

Supplements for a Boy

  • Evening Primrose Oil (around 1000mg) – take from your period to ovulation
  • High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil (to get around 10,000 IU Vitamin A, 5,000 Vitamin D) – take all cycle long and throughout your pregnancy. Get more info on CLO
  • Potassium Drink – Mix 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar into 4oz of water. Drink when fizzing stops. You can build up to around 5-7tsp a day. Drink from your period to ovulation.
  • Fertile-CM (3x daily) – take all cycle long
  • Folic Acid
  • Royal Jelly (50mg) – a great boy supplement, but don't take if you have bee allergies. Take all cycle long
  • Zinc (50mg) – important for you and your man

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