Top 10 Baby Gender Prediction Methods

New moms-to-be experience a lot of new things – and a lot of excitement. One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is wondering if you're carrying a boy or girl. Baby gender prediction has always been a popular topic for moms – especially since most can't wait to find out if they've got a daughter or a son on board! Plenty of old wive's tales and gender prediction methods have come along as women have tried to figure out just what they're having before their baby's birthday. Here are several common methods:

The Chinese Gender Chart

You've probably heard about the Chinese gender chart – it's becoming more and more commonplace, and for some women it seems to be pretty accurate. For others, it's not. It's an easy baby gender prediction method, however, that is not dangerous at all for you or the baby. To use, you just find a chart and calculate your age based on the Chinese calendar. Then find your age and the month of your baby's conception on the chart to have a guess at pink or blue.

Chinese Gender Chart

Baby's Heart Rate

It's said that if your baby has a certain heartrate you can tell if baby is a boy or a girl. Many nurses swear by the accuracy of this method. After four babies, I don't put much stock in it. My babies have all had heartrates all over the place! Scientic studies have also failed to prove any gender/heartrate correlations.

But it is a theory that remains strong today – if your baby has a faster heart rate (over 140 beats per minute), you're probably having a girl. If it's under 140 beats per minute, you're probably having a boy.

Your Wedding Ring

This has always been my favorite “old wives tale” baby gender prediction method. You can also use a needle. Just thread the needle or your wedding ring on a piece of thread (or your hair). Lie down and gently suspend the ring over your belly.

Watch how the ring starts moving. If the ring goes in a circle, you're having a girl. If it goes back and forth (like the pendulum on a clock), you're having a boy.

This method is definitely an old wives tale, but it has been pretty accurate for me 😉

The Drano Test

This test is actually dangerous to you and your baby because the fumes it produces can be poisonous. There are commercial systems on the market that work much the same way and are not dangerous to you or baby, so I recommend that you get those.

The Intelligender Gender Test is one such test.

Both the IntelliGender test, mail-in lab tests like Tell Me Pink or Blue, and the Drano test have mixed results – they're not promised to be accurate. They can be “fun” but don't count on them to be 100% for telling you your baby's gender.

If you decide you'd like to do the Drano test, you need to get crystal drano (not the liquid). Go outside with about 2 tablespoons of the Drano, a glass jar, and around 3oz of urine. You should use a canning jar that you can throw away when you're done. Add the urine into the jar – this will cause a major reaction and you want to stay away from the jar! When the reaction has stopped you can check the color of the jar. If it turns to a dark brown color quickly (within about 10 seconds), you're having a boy. If there's no change after that time period, you're having a girl. Again, this method of predicting gender can be dangerous. Get the Intelligender test for much more safety and about the same level of accuracy!

Old Wive's Tales

Here are some of the common “old wives tales” about baby gender prediction:

Carrying Your Baby

If you're carrying your baby all out of front and lower (so it looks like you have a basketball under your shirt), you're having a boy. If you're carrying higher and out to the sides (like a watermelon under your shirt), you're having a girl.


If you're reaching for the sweets at every opportunity the folklore says that you're having a sweet little girl! But if you want lemon juice or other sour foods, it's your little man asking for a meal.

Meat and cheese cravings are also a sign of carrying a little boy, while fruits and vegetables indicate a little girl.

Is He Looking a Little Bigger?

If your husband gains weight right along with you during pregnancy you're probably carrying a little girl. If he goes through your pregnancy with his weight unchanged, you're having a boy.

The Fullness of Your Face

Your face will probably change shape a little during pregnancy. Some women tend to gain weight in the face, with their cheeks becoming rounder and more rosy. The folklore says this is a sure indication of a girl – but the face becoming fuller during pregnancy can be normal for both genders. Please note that if you experience extreme swelling in your face it could be a warning sign for complications and you need to check in with your doctor or midwife.

Morning Sickness Anyone? How About a Headache?

If you skated through early pregnancy without any hint of morning sickness you're probably carrying a baby boy. If you've had a lot of morning sickness, it's a sign there's a little girl on board.

Though rumor says that boys spare moms the morning sickness, it's said you're more likely to be carrying a boy if you have headaches during pregnancy!

Other Signs

Here are some more signs of carrying a boy:

  • Areolas (the ring around your nipples) have gotten much darker
  • Your feet are cold
  • Your hands are dry
  • You look better than ever
  • The hair on your legs is growing faster
  • You have bright yellow urine

And here are some more signs of a girl:

  • The highlights in your hair seem to be turning red
  • You look a little worn out
  • You're feeling much moodier than normal
  • You break out
  • Your breasts are looking much fuller
  • Your urine is a dull yellow

Of course, the only sure baby gender prediction method is to have your baby and hold him or her in your arms. But it can be fun to try and predict what you're having. Ultrasound can also give you a good clue, but just know that those technicians are sometimes wrong!

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