Proven Tips for Conceiving a Baby Girl

A sweet bundle of pink is a lovely thing to wish for – but it’s even better to use proven tips for conceiving a baby girl to increase your odds at getting the little lady of your dreams.

If you’re hoping for a little girl you’re in good company. Though most people think that boys are highly favored and girls… well, not so much, that’s not true. In first world countries the preference for girls is slightly higher than boys and many people wanting only one child wish for a girl.

How Do I Get my Girl?

Enough frills and lace – the real question here is “how do I get a girl?”

It’s important to remember that the only guaranteed to get you a girl is to use preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD. With PGD you kow the embryos being implanted are all female, so you’ll get a girl as long as one or more of the embryos implants and develops successfully.

You can use other methods, often called “swaying” to increase your chances of a girl, but they’re not a guarantee of a girl. Be sure you’re open to any gender before you try to conceive.

Gender Swaying Safety

Is it safe to try and sway for gender? You’ll be working on your diet and you’ll be trying to work to change some other factors, such as your ph levels. It’s safe to sway gently at home. I’ll point out places where you may want to be careful of things, but in general swaying is safe for you and it’s safe for the baby.

Steps to Take for Your Baby Girl

Below I’ll outline some basics on swaying for a little lady:

Eat in Favor of a Girl

The goal when eating to conceive a girl is to lower your ph levels so your body is more acid than alkaline. It’s good for your man to change his diet, too. I think that you should pay careful attention to diet. Some women are willing to go on an extreme diet for gender. I think it’s more important to create a healthy environment for any baby than to have an unbalanced diet just to get a girl (or boy). You can, however, have a nourishing diet and still choose foods that create a good chance for a girl. Here are some tips:

  • Drink Lots of Milk
  • Lots of Calcium
  • No Caffeine
  • Low Salt
  • Lots of Berries
  • Bottled Water (reverse Osmosis)

Read more on the baby girl diet:

Best Odds Baby Girl Diet

Remember to use common sense – don’t eat an unbalanced diet and give your girl a poor start. Refer to the preconception nutrition information for more detail. LINK!

When to Baby Dance

The leading theory on timing lovemaking for a girl is the O +12 theory. You need to know exactly when you ovulate to use this method, so a fertility monitor or ovulation test strips (OPK or ovulation predictor kit) is a good idea. You need to take your temperatures so you can confirm ovulation. Charting for a few months before you try to conceive is a good idea – it will let you get used to your cycles.

Abstain from sex for a full week before ovulation. When you ovulate plan to have sex 12 hours after. Your OPK or monitor will give you a good indication – usually predicting ovulation withing 4-48 hours. Watch your temperatures and your fertile fluid. As soon as your fluid goes from very fertile (“egg white fertile mucus”) to thicker you eed to plan to TTC.

Try and keep your pH low at this point. Some women recommend a lime douche before TTC and a little while after. Keep checking pH for the first four hours or so, as sperm are working their way up the birth canal.

Another method is the Shettles method – using this method you want to time baby making sex for 2-3 days before ovulation, then stop trying. Again, watching your pH is an option.

Baby Making Tips

  • Use the missionary position
  • The woman should not orgasm
  • Go to the bathroom right after making love (so much of the semen flows out)
  • Don’t prop on a pillow


Certain supplements help lower pH and increase the chances of getting a girl. Here are some suggested supplements:

  • Calcium Citrate (no more than 1200mg) – take from your period to ovulation
  • Magnesium (no more than 300mg) – take from your period to ovulation
  • Folic Acid (800-1000mcg) – take all the time
  • Acidophilus (take a few capsules daily) – take all the time. Some people notice this raises pH; don’t take it if this is the case for you
  • Chasteberry (Vitex) (around 500mg) – take all the time if you have irregular cycles
  • Cranberry (no more than 10,000 mg fresh fruit equivalent) – take from your period to ovulation. Avoid if you’re taking blood thinners.
  • Vitamin C (around 500mg) – take from your period to ovulation
  • Saw Palmetto (320mg standardized) – take from your period to ovulation. Avoid if you’re taking Clomid
  • Sudafed (not PH) – take just before baby-making sex

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