Enhance Your Fertility Quickly and Easily with Aromatherapy

Trying to get pregnant can be a lot of fun – and it can also be pretty nerve-wracking. There are times you feel tense and stressed and wonder why you're not pregnant already, or why the two week wait seems so long. What if there was a way to help reduce your stress – and increase your fertility at the same time? Aromatherapy can do just that.

Growing Recognition

Aromatherapy is enjoying increased recognition and popularity. There's a good reason for that – it's simple and easy to use aromatherapy in your life. It's non-invasive and a gentle way to help your body relax and heal. It makes you more open to conceiving.

The basis of the treatments are essential oils. These are oils which have been distilled from various plant sources. Sometimes they're placed into a carrier oil (and sometimes you need to put them in a carrier oil, especially if you'll be using them topically).

In general you do not take essential oils internally – only do so under the direction of an experienced practitioner. I recommend you stay completely away from internal use during pregnancy and while trying to conceive.

Essential Oils To Help You Get Pregnant

You have several choices when you're looking at essential oils to use while trying to conceive. I'll go over each one of them here:

Clary Sage

Clary Sage makes a deep golden colored oil. It's very earthy and helps relax and calm the nerves while reducing stress. Clary Sage is also said to have aphrodisiac properties.

Use the essential oil by rubbing it into your skin over your reproductive organs. This helps balance estrogen levels and can aid with infertility issues.


Rose, like Clary Sage, is supposed to have aphrodisiac effects. It's also a good oil to use when you're trying to get pregnant.

Most people love the scent of roses and that's exactly what you're going to get with rose essential oil.

Rose essential oil is another great choice to increase fertility. It has a pleasing, soothing scent. Like Clary sage, it is said to have aphrodisiac properties. Rose is excellent for enhancing both male and female fertility. Have your man take warm (not hot) baths with several drops of rose oil in the water. You can do the same. This will increase sperm count in him and help enhance reproductive health in you.


Rosemary was traditionally woven into bridal headdresses because it was believed to grant fertility to young brides. The essential oil of rosemary is also seen to have fertility enhancing properties. Rosemary oil, diluted in gentle carrier oil, can be rubbed between the hip bones to help sooth inflammation in reproductive organs, or to help open blockages. Men may also find this helps.


Finally the versatile and ever pleasing lavender oil is useful for increasing fertility. Lavender is soothing and has slight aphrodisiac effects, both of which help to make lovemaking more pleasurable. This pleasure allows for the right temperature, lubrication, and alkalinity for conception to be present in the body. Lavender oil is wonderful equalizing oil and is gentle enough to be used right on the skin or as carrier oil for drops of other fertility enhancers.

Safe and Fun

Exploring aromatherapy for fertility enhancement is just plain fun. You will love to surround yourself with the luscious and pleasing scents. Cool oils also feel good rubbed into your skin. The relaxing properties of oils will help ease your mind, and of course aphrodisiac effects will help the baby-making events happen a little easier.

Remember you can also add a few drops of an oil to your bath water and let the scents wash over you and be absorbed by your skin as you soak.

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