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A Vitex Fertility Supplement – Powerful and Effective

If you’re looking for a supplement to help you conceive, then look no further than a Vitex fertility supplement. It’s also called Chasteberry and Vitex Agnus Castus – they all refer to the same herb.

Vitex has long been revered as an herb for women because it helps women in almost all stages of their adult life. Not only is the Vitex fertility connection strongly supported by tradition – it’s also well-supported by scientific research!

The herb’s ability to help regulate the menstrual cycle is one of its strongest benefits. Having a regular menstural cycle is very important when you’re trying to fall pregnant. But just “regular” isn’t enough. You also need all phases of your cycle to be healthy and normal. It’s possible to have regular cycles but still suffer from luteal phase defect and other cycle problems.

Vitex helps address all of these things by the balancing effects it has on your hormones. It does not contain any hormones of its own – it just helps to balance yours. It does this by shifting ratios of estrogen and progesterone in your body. Luteinizing hormone, important for promoting ovulation, is increased by the presence of a Vitex fertility supplement. This works to indirectly increase your progesterone levels.

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Balancing and Regulating Cycle Hormones

Progesterone is key to having a good luteal phase. The luteal phase is the second half of your cycle and it should be twelve to fourteen days long. If your progesterone levels are low, you’ll suffer from luteal phase defect. You could be getting pregnant each cycle only to lose the pregnancy within days because your luteal phase is too short!

A Vitex fertility supplement, with its progesterone encouraging properties will help prevent this.

Vitex also helps suppress high prolactin levels. You want high prolactin levels while you’re breastfeeding because prolactin encourages good milk production… but it can also suppress ovulation and cause other fertility issues. When you’re trying to get pregnant Vitex is helpful because it reduces excessive prolactin.

These balancing effects are very beneficial to a woman with PCOS. When combined with proper diet Vitex can make a big difference for a woman suffering from PCOS. Vitex does take some time to normalize cycles so plan to take it for several months to see maxiumum benefits.

It can help with other menstrual problems often seen with PCOS and infertility. Heavy periods and inflammation are both issues Vitex can help. If you have no periods (amenorrhea) or frequent periods Vitex can also help.

It is an overall balancing supplement and has been a real miracle worker for many, many women. It directly addresses many of the issues causing infertility, helping to balance and correct hormones so you can get – and stay – pregnant.

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